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作者: 61815    時間: 2011-2-27 23:29     標題: [News] [20110226] Straits Times - Bosco sings with HK stars

Straits Times
Bosco sings with HK stars  

Hong Kong entertainer Bosco Wong is not bothered by his lack of singing credentials.

Better known as an actor than a singer, he readily admits that his singing ability has 'not reached the best level, just yet'.

Which is why he is more than happy to share the stage with fellow Hong Kong TVB artistes Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng and Ron Ng at their upcoming concert here.

Organised by Unusual Entertainment with Resorts World Sentosa, the showcase of Hong Kong TV's popular leading men will be held at Resorts World Convention Centre's Compass Ballroom on April 30.

Over the telephone from Hong Kong, the refreshingly forthright Wong, 30, says in Mandarin: 'Even if you asked me to hold a solo concert, I don't think I would be able to do it yet anyway. I am not really good enough.'

Asked why he does not simply give up music altogether and stick to acting, he says: 'I have considered it before but it's also quite fun to try a bit of everything.'

A Hong Kong TVB actor since 1999, he has acted in more than 30 television dramas such as Dicey Business, in which he played a casino supervisor, and 7 Days In Life, as a cop.

While he has not released a full-length music album yet, he does have two mini albums under his belt: In Love With Bosco (2008) and Bravo (2010). His singles, such as Hey Boy and Over The Mountain Over The Valley, have reached the Top Five in Hong Kong radio charts.

At the concert, he will sing several songs from both albums.

In order to set himself apart from his fellow performers, he says his singing style will be more 'rock'.

He adds: 'We will all be presenting different images and singing styles.'

One of the reasons he decided to take on the show was that it offered a chance to perform alongside 'very good friends'.

He says: 'We have all worked together so much before and know one another well, so it will be quite a fun night.' Bosco Wong will perform with fellow TVB artistes (from top) Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng and Ron Ng.

But putting on a show with close friends has its setbacks, too. When you know one another so well, says Wong, there is the chance that you might accidentally spill secrets about one another to the audience during stage banter and ribbing.

What secrets? The quick-witted actor replies: 'I am still doing my research and currently gathering some juicy information about them.'

And should the beans be spilled about him, Wong, who has long been rumoured to be dating TVB actress Myolie Wu, will look on the bright side.

'Anything for our audiences,' he says, cheerfully. 'As long as they are all having a good time, I don't really mind.'

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Where: Resorts World Convention Centre, Compass Ballroom

When: April 30, 8pm

Admission: $78, $108, $138, $168, from Sistic (call 6348-5555 or go to
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"Over The Mountain Over The Valley".. Lol what a translation! Hahah thanks Steph!: )
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i think u are a really talented actor and singer...just keep up the great work and maybe one day you can have a solo concert hehe  i really hope the TVB artists come here to australia for a show!!!:D  I LOVE U BOSCO!!!:$

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