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標題: To Bosco: Happy Life [打印本頁]

作者: Jane    時間: 2007-10-25 11:39     標題: To Bosco: Happy Life


1. Sleep.....not enough sleep will cuase deficiency of liver....

2. No Smoke.....not enought sleep + Smoke will easy cause Cancer

3. Take it easy....if stress talk to a counsellor

4. Look at what you have, do not look at what you do not have....

5. More with good friends they have right attitude about life....

You are so lucky and Bless, 24 hours have your fans go to your website...they love you
and care you as brother....

We are happy if you can get the 2007 rewarding, but if not we still support you forever...
It is good to set a Goal to achive the rewarding, but do not let it makes you stress, or not happy.....a lot of Good actor they do not get any rewarding....but people know they are good...

Do your not too concern about money and famous....for you already got it...Health is more important....

Wish you happy all the time!
作者: tea    時間: 2007-10-25 20:37

Jane, 你說出我們的心聲! 祝福你!
作者: Sarah``    時間: 2007-10-26 17:13

Yup~ Jane, u r totally rite! 所以Bosco, 你一定要照顾自己... 无令我地担心啊!
作者: r2d2    時間: 2007-10-28 16:30

Nice list

So true and meaningful ^^

ya health is important, good health -> better performance and productivity -> better achievements in both short run and long run

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