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標題: Have a happy 端午節 haha ^_^. [打印本頁]

作者: Samuel    時間: 2008-6-8 13:09     標題: Have a happy 端午節 haha ^_^.

Bosco I need to sleep now, so tired... I want to wish you a happy 端午節 (Happy Dragon Boat Festival). Remember to not eat too much zongzi ar haha! Is fat but since you are very skinny, hmmm I guess is not a problem for you ^_^.

Hours ago, New York was raining so hard, thunder was so LOUD! Is very hot right now, I think I need AC open for sleeping... [emsmilep] On Monday NY might have 99 degress Fahrenheit!!! That is 37 degress Celsius!! Is so hot, is too ridiculous... But anyway I wish you the best and add oil. Bye bye.

Sam @ New York
作者: coco1314    時間: 2008-6-8 14:42

Happy Dragon Boat Festival
作者: tmxooy    時間: 2008-6-8 17:03

Happy Dragon Boat Festival
作者: Samuel    時間: 2008-6-9 00:48

Yes both of you have a great holiday too ^_^.

作者: Jane    時間: 2008-6-9 11:51

Happy Dragon Boat Festival to all.............

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