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標題: Hello Bosco and all fans. Had a great holiday? [打印本頁]

作者: Samuel    時間: 2008-6-9 11:59     標題: Hello Bosco and all fans. Had a great holiday?

Hi Bosco! Have a great day today? I had a good day overall. Did you enjoy the holidays with Auntie Wong and your dogs? Hope you did have a great holiday.

I just saw your old videos in Aqua Horoes. Wow you looks so young ar!! Haha, you swim very good too. I need to learn from you Bosco. Add oil! Hopefully filming for dramas will be done soon. Remember add oil, work hard, rest more, and HK is RAINING again!? Remember to bring umbrella or hat. That's all I want to say today.

Bye bye, have a great day Bosco and fans.

Sam @ New York
作者: cocath    時間: 2008-6-9 13:27

Hi Samuel,
Where did Bosco go for holidays? Did he has many scenes in "Aqua Heroes"? I have not watched this series yet cos it is an old series. I am watching "To Love With No Regrets" now. He is so funny and "naughty" in this series.
God Bless U all, Bosco's fans, out there!
作者: Samuel    時間: 2008-6-10 04:15

I think Bosco did not go out for holidays ar. But don't worry Bosco there will be future chances ga ma! Add oil ar, don't give up haha.

To Love With No Regrets haha. I LIKE that drama so much! Is so funny and good. You will definitely like it. Have a great time watching it ^_^.

In Aqua Horoes, he has many scenes, he is the 2nd male lead in the series, after Edwin. He is very good in it ar, funny haha.

Sam @ New York
作者: cocath    時間: 2008-6-10 13:35

Ok, then I have to buy the series and watch. I had watched it before but during that time, i did not know Bosco!
Thanzzz.  Have a great day!
作者: Samuel    時間: 2008-6-11 11:49

Good for you Cocath! Good luck haha, You will enjoy it for sure.

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