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標題: [Fans留言]Suggestions for Bosco’s next album [打印本頁]

作者: Med108@hk    時間: 2009-3-23 16:19     標題: [Fans留言]Suggestions for Bosco’s next album

Dear Bosco and his fans,

   I know love songs are hot sale and can “lum” listeners, but I think they’re getting too trite. We are taught to focus on our work first; love and romance can wait. Thus, it would be great if you have a song similar to Sam Hui’s (許冠傑)“學生哥,”which teaches listeners to work hard and put aside dating. It’s motivational, a lot more meaningful, purposeful, and pertinent to fans (whom are mostly in school or early in their career) than merely listening to you falling in and out of love. We know you’re a hard-worker and learning that you were no. 1 in school makes us look up to you even more. Thus, you're the perfect candidate to promote a song similar to “學生哥”.
   Secondly, I really admire your optimistic, cheerful and comical persona. Thus, it would be great if you could make a song reflective of your character i.e. with a happy, funny and up-beat song like Sam Hui’s “天才白痴錢錢錢,” which satirically make fun of our current failing economy.  It would cheer people up from this difficult time with so many people losing their job or on the verge of receiving the pink slip.
   Thirdly, I know Mother’s and Father’s Days are coming soon and it would be nice if you can have a comical song dedicated to our parents who have sacrificed so much for us. The dads have to endure harassment and criticisms from superiors and customers. The moms stay home, leaving her social life behind so that she could spend her time to educate her children and be a chauffeur driving her kids from piano lessons to swimming classes to public debate competitions. If it wasn’t for my mom staying up past 3 in the morning to make me ginseng tea and midnight snack, I don’t think I would be in medical school now. This is a good song for you because we all know you are a very obedient son.
    Finally, I believe the reason why your character in WOIL1&2 and Life Made Simple was so successful is because you’re not intimidated by but actually prefer women that are opinionated, hardworking and somewhat heroic in her own little world (i.e. working hard to financially support her ailing parents or disabled siblings). As more women in HK and other industrialized nations become more ambitious and successful in their career, they find it harder to maintain a date and get married. Men are leaving them complaining that the women are not spending enough time with them. So a song showing appreciations for these women (they may seem like iron-woman outside, but they actually have a bigger heart than women who chose the traditional route to get married before 30 and be a housewife with kids). Virgina Lok’s husband is a role model I think. Ms. Lok (who I respect greatly) works so hard yet her husband is there to support her. A man that doesn’t complain, that makes a woman laugh after a long day of work, who neglects about what other men may say about them and focuses purely on happiness and harmony would be a fantasy come true.

Suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated.
作者: r2d2    時間: 2009-3-24 02:54

Your suggestions are nice to me because it's all about different aspects of life and not just 'loving a partner' alone which is only one aspect 'Love' itself can have different kinds of love.

Tell the truth maybe influenced by Bosco's numerous mention of the close relationship with his mum I'd kinda daydreamed before that someday Bosco can sing a song about 'love' to mothers although I didn't think of a comical song but more of a light song that is not too slow but not too fast lol

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作者: Samuel    時間: 2009-3-24 10:29

Very fantastic suggestions. Of course the album would be excellent if a variety of songs can be recorded it rather than just "divide hand" songs. For sure the new album would have new surprises, awaiting them.

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