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作者: Samuel    時間: 2009-4-5 06:51     標題: [Fans留言] 傷心! 唔開心

唔開心… 可能我好在学校… I realize how important a high school/college degree is.
Bosco, today I call some advertisements on newspaper. They said they would hire people. However they are kind of playing me... they ask me what time I can work... and then tell me: "We hired somebody."

One man was not serious... he was telling me what work they do... But once I tell them I am still in high school, will go to college in September, they said "We are not hiring..." 傷心!  唔開心.

Now I tell myself I have to go 90s or 100 in school. I will go to college and get degree. Then I can choose who to work for, not being the one who is picked... I have to study, have to get 100 >.<
作者: Med108@hk    時間: 2009-4-5 10:54

Don't be upset la, Samuel.

Always look from the positive side a.

The economy is really bad now (I believe the unemployment rate in NYC is closed to 8%, highest since the 70's). It's going to be very difficult to look for summer jobs. Employers would prefer to hire someone that can work long term so that they don't waste time having to retrain and redo the paperworks for new hires.

Maybe you can get a headstart by taking college courses during summer and when the economy picks up, you wouldn't have such a heavy class schedule and can then look for part-time job?  Or you can use the summer to identify yourself, travel and discover what career path you want to take?

Be happy, ok?!
作者: MINA    時間: 2009-4-6 10:22

Samuel, you are in NYC?? Don't worry.  Just do your best and keep looking. School is very important getting that degree. Go finish college and major in something you like. Whatever you major in may turn into your life time career so think carefully.

Just keep looking and don't get depress or sad. When you are down think about all the good things in this world.  Add oil!

作者: 王苗雨    時間: 2009-4-6 20:31


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