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作者: Samuel    時間: 2010-2-25 09:49     標題: [Fans留言] 多謝Bosco

Dear Bosco,

多謝你. 去年我寄信返香港給你. 很開心收到你reply. Thank you.

Samuel @ New York
作者: cocath    時間: 2010-2-25 14:18

Good to hear that Sam. So, he replied to fans outside HK too? That inspires me to write too, hahaha! Wish me luck then!
作者: Samuel    時間: 2010-2-26 06:58     標題: 回復 2# cocath 的帖子

Yes, I wish you luck.
作者: soonyee    時間: 2010-2-26 12:24

me too... but if from malaysia should write the address in what leh? in malay or in chinese?
作者: Samuel    時間: 2010-2-26 12:33     標題: 回復 4# soonyee 的帖子

In Chinese, I wrote the letters in Chinese. Address is TVB (sorry I forgot the whole address).

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